Rizwan Faisal

Dr. Rizwan Faisal

Dr. Rizwan Faisal did his MBBS in 2005 and M.Phil in Pharmacology from P.G.M.I Lahore in 2013. He is currently enrolled in a PhD programme of Khyber Medical University, Peshawar. After graduation he had the opportunity to work in various public and private medical colleges. He joined Rehman Medical College back in 2012 as senior lecturer, due to his dedication and commitment he was promoted to Assistant Professor. Currently, he is working as an Associate Professor.
Dr. Rizwan Faisal has published 25 research papers in National and International journals. He has attended multiple workshops related with Pharmacology, Medical Education and Research. He is the year chair of 3rd year MBBS curriculum committee of Rehman medical college since 2014. 

Area of expertise

  • Teaching & Research


Course Taught

  • Almost all units of Pharmacology


  • MBBS
  • M.Phil
  • PhD 



  • Attended workshop on ‘Integration in medical curriculum’’ 
  • Attended workshop on ‘Research proposal development’ 
  • Attended a short course on ‘Problem based learning’ 
  • Attended workshop on ‘MCQs development & writing’ 
  • Attended workshop on ‘EMQs development & writing’
  • Attended workshop on ‘Emerging trends in curriculum design and assessment’
  • Attended workshop on ‘Objective writing’
  • Attended workshop on ‘Biosafety, biosecurity and bio-risk management’
  • Attended workshop in ‘Strengthening and sustaining a network of public and animal health clinical laboratories in Pakistan’
  • Attended workshop on ‘Statistical package for social sciences’


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  • Received certificate of appreciation for exceptional contributions in planning and developing 3rd year MBBS curriculum as Year Chair
  • Received certificate of appreciation for contribution to undergraduate medical research activities as Research supervisor  

Professional membership

  • Member of Pakistan Society of Pharmacology & Therapeutics
  • Member of the panel of examination department of Khyber Medical University for paper checking and practical examinations.
  • Member of the Editorial board of the Research Committee of Rehman Medical College.
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Khyber Medical University