General Provisions

The following Admission Policy is formulated in compliance with the provisions of Section 18(3) of PMC Act 2020 and PMC Medical and Dental Undergraduate Education (Admission, Curriculum and Conduct) Regulations 2021, for admission of students to Rehman Medical College, Peshawar for MBBS programme.

1. PMC directives regarding admissions 2021 — 22 issued from time to time will be followed

2. A strict NO DONATION POLICY is adopted. No one except, office of admissions is authorized to give a written admission offer.

3. Fee for more than one (l) year will not be demanded.

4. All fee will be deposited in the official designated bank account as specified in the admissions portal / prospectus.

5. SCHOLARSHIPS: As per institutions past practices, scholarship will be offered as per policy. Further details can be obtained from college website.