About Us

Introduction to College

Rehman Medical College (RMC), a prime institution of the country, is leading the way to impart Quality medical education to its students in line with the modern education strategies to inculcate the PMC seven-star competencies in its graduates.
RMC has world class facilities, environment and equipment which enables the enrolled students to fulfil their dreams and become a doctor who is equipped with the knowledge, attitude and professionalism to look after patients and their relatives.
RMC being the pioneer of integrated curriculum does not shy away to keep on improving its content, its instructions methodologies, assessment tools through face to face classes in large and small group formats and learning through Learning Management Systems and use of clinical skill laboratory through physical and virtual formats.
RMC is a place where dreams becomes reality, knowledge becomes skill, skill becomes competency and competency becomes excellency through the hard work of staff and presence of enabling environment. It is not the place for the faint hearted who is not prepared to take on challenges by delearning what they know & accept the hard rub to bring out the shine which hides beneath.