Quality Enhancement Cell


In higher general and professional education, quality is a dynamic entity and therefore various factors that determine quality of higher education must set in equilibrium at a level that matches with the stakeholders expectations and national and international standards. These factors include quality of faculty, students, curriculum, infrastructure, facilities, research and learning environment, governance, strategic planning, assessment procedures and relevance to national and international standards. In accordance with these goals, RMC has established Quality Enhancement Cell in affiliation with KMU and accordance with HEC guidelines.



Implement best quality assurance to ensure highest quality of education at RMC through standardized processes and practices to lead the way in the medical education.
Achieve highest possible international standards of education to produce quality medical graduates who can excel in their respective fields.

We aim to achieve and deliver:

Governance and Leadership:

Governance, management and quality assurance systems are in place to ensure existing academic activities and respond to development and change.

Academic Leadership:

We provide strong and sustainable basis for academic and conductive environment for learning.
Self-Evaluation as an institute: Self-evaluation, internal reporting and improvement plans are developed in open, transparent, manner for continuous improvement. 

Feedback of Stakeholders:

The institute has mechanism for receiving, processing and responding to the reviews and feedback coming from relevant stakeholders.  The feedback management system of RMC assures strength, address any weakness identified and demonstrate responsibility and accountability.

QEC Team:

Name                                                          Designation
Prof. Dr. Mukhtiar Zaman                           Principal/Director                
Dr. Anne Gul                                              Assistant Director/Senior Lecturer
Ms. Jasmine Ali Khan                                Co-Ordinator   

QEC RMC is responsible to develop procedures for following: 


  • Departmental review
  • Student feedback
  • Employer feedback
  • Programme specifications.
  • Annual monitoring and evaluation including program monitoring, faculty assessment and  student’s perception.
  • Improvement of existing programs and approval of new programs. 
  • Developing a data source for accurate information regarding quality assurance which will be deliverable to all stakeholders.
  • Qualification framework
  • Affiliation with national and international institutes.
  • Developing new policies and improving and enhancing existing ones in accordance with HEC and KMU as well as international accreditations.
  • Overall quality improvements in institutional management/leadership.