Research & Development

  • 1st Positions & Awards  KMU Annual Health Symposia Since 2012 till date 
  • Student Research Society Since 2017
  • Journal of Medical Students ( Since 2015)
  • Completed research projects  |  90
  • Research publications  |  45

Success in University Exam

  • RMC position in overall passing percentage in all 5 professional University examinations:
    • 1st position: 5 times
    • 2nd position: 5 times
    • 3rd position: 10 times
  • In addition to above our 8 students obtained individual 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in the University examinations.

Graduate Achievements

  • Majority of the graduates belonging to initial classes have passed FCPS part-I examination and preparing for part-II and other international examinations currently. Many of them are working in the hospitals of KP and other provinces as well as abroad and sharing their contribution in healthcare sector.