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Bio Chemistry


The department of Biochemistry provides teaching facilities to undergraduate students of MBBS and BDS classes. The subject is part of curriculum as recommended by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and the examining university i.e. Khyber Medical University. The department has a lecture theatre for 150 students and two demonstration rooms with a capacity of 50 persons each. There is a spacious Laboratory for practical work, equipped with all instruments as required and recommended by PMC. The department has its own Library with more than 200 books including reference books.


The subject of Biochemistry including molecular biology is the very base for understanding the normal body functioning at molecular level and its correlation with disease process. The knowledge of the subject also helps in understanding of the genetic basis of diseases and possible cure.


The subject of Biochemistry is part of the following courses:

  • MBBS
  • BDS
  • And M.Phil. /Ph.D. in Biochemistry.



Research is essential for all faculty and is a requirement for promotion. Recent research projects include work on Diabetes Mellitus in correlation with vitamin D status in the body.



In addition to lecture theatre, demonstration room and Laboratory there is a Library area and reading room. For faculty and research workers there are offices and working desks with computers and internet facilities.

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