Principal Message

1It is a great honor to serve the Rehman Medical College as a principal and undertake endeavors to take it even to higher level than where it is right now. I am aware of the challenge as I have to sustain what is achieved and push harder to introduce step change.

The hardworking faculty and well-behaved students have made my life easier to push for reforms and value adding in all aspects of college life whether that is introducing new modules, new ways of assessment, adjusting timetables to create dedicated time for prayers break!

I believe in team work; a cell can only depolarize, muscle fiber can only twitch, muscle bundles can fasciculate,  muscle can contract, limb can only move, body can only shift but to have purposeful and eventful movements, all the parts has to move in unison with efficient afferent and efferent systems of communication and decision making.
We at RMC strive to move forward at a speed which can be sustained and produce meaningful output for wider impact in the society and profession.