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The department of Anatomy RMC provides state of the art facilities for imparting knowledge and skills for undergraduates of MBBS and BDS to learn the subject which forms the foundation for clinical practice especially surgery and its specialties. It also caters for the needs of post-graduates appearing in various exams.
The museum of Anatomy department is well equipped with original human bones, models of all regions, models of histology & embryology and electrical models.  The dissection hall lodges prosected human body parts for hands-on learning for the students. There are anatomical charts, well-maintained mortuary for cadavers and a radiology corner for practice on radiographs. A multimedia screen displays different animations and dissection videos for interactive learning. The seminar rooms provide an opportunity for small group discussions on the subject. 
The histology laboratory is well equipped with light microscopes and top-notch slides for practicing the skills to comprehend the microdetails. An LED installed here depicts magnified views of the microworld.
A departmental library fulfills the need of reference books as and when required.


The Anatomy department aims at providing a strong foundation for future clinical practice. It is one of the major pillars of basic medical sciences. It enhances the aptitude of undergraduates to imprint the normal structure to compare with the disease state in higher classes. Thus, the subject serves as a platform for future clinical practice.


The subject of Anatomy is included in the following courses;

  • 1st year MBBS
  • 2nd year MBBS
  • 1st year BDS


On individual basis and articles published in recognized journals

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