RMC Final vacant seats May-2022

Update on the RMC vacant seats can be downloaded here:  


Final Reminder (Published on 7 December, 2021)

Applicants who have not provided all required information/marks for merit calculation or still have not paid the application fee are given a Final Reminder to do so latest by 10 December 2021. Application process shall be closed after the given deadline and Erroneous/Incomplete or pending fee applications shall not be considered.


The application deadline for RMC admission December 10, 2021 (Published on 30 November, 2021)

Admission Timeline (Published on 12 November, 2021)


Online Application editing Rights given to all applicants (Published on 3 December, 2021)


PMC Scholarships (Published on 24 November, 2021)


Published on 12 January, 2022