The 4th National Students Research Conference

The 4th National Students Research Conference was held from 4th to 5th June by the Students Research Society of Rehman Medical College. It was attended by students of 23 different medical, dental and allied health colleges from across the country. 34 teams participated, presenting their research through oral presentations and posters.

Day two consisted of a medical expo and research pitch competition, where the teams went head to head to present their creative ideas for research. Different stalls were set up in the medical expo, including a medical virtual reality stall, and stalls by Getz Pharma, Pharmevo, Enamels, High Noon and more.

The winning teams from Khyber Girls Medical College, Peshawar Medical College, Rashid Latif Medical College, Rehman Medical College and Rehman College of Nursing received shields and certificates of appreciation.

Research conferences at national level where students from different educational backgrounds and different cities collaborate to bring forward medical researches and ideas support healthy competition and courage to present.

Rehman Medical Institute appreciates the student’s societies and faculty for tremendous hard work presenting a research conference at national level.

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