RMC and PAMI Host Vital Round Table

AI Deployment in Pakistan: RMC and PAMI Host Vital Round Table

Rehman Medical College (RMC) and the Pakistan Association of Private Medical and Dental Institutions (PAMI) joined forces to tackle a critical topic: the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Pakistan. 

Leading experts convened for a roundtable discussion, aiming to build consensus on key principles and chart a course for ethical and impactful AI implementation.

Key Discussion Points:
•    Responsible AI Deployment: Establishing shared principles for ethical and responsible use of AI in the Pakistani context.
•    Nominal Group Technique: Utilizing this collaborative approach to build agreement on general guidelines.
•    Adapting UNESCO's Policy: Discussing and considering UNESCO's guidelines and exploring potential adaptations for Pakistan's unique needs.
•    National Priorities: Brainstorming specific AI applications that address critical national challenges.

Professor Lubna Baig's insightful presentation sparked further discussion and collaboration, categorizing identified priorities for AI implementation in Pakistan. Shafique Ur Rehman, CEO of RMI and the esteemed guest of honor, shared his valuable insights and presented shields to the esteemed guest speakers.

This pivotal roundtable marks a significant step forward in shaping the future of responsible and impactful AI deployment in Pakistan, paving the way for a brighter future fueled by this transformative technology.