Dr. Tariq S Mufti Guides RMC's First-Year MBBS Students to Success

Dr. Tariq Saeed Mufti Guides RMC's First-Year MBBS Students to Success

First-year MBBS students at Rehman Medical College (RMC) on 2 February experienced a motivational session led by Professor Emeritus Dr. Tariq Saeed Mufti. During this session, Dr. Mufti, a founding principal of RMI, imparted invaluable guidance to the students, focusing on key principles for success in their medical education and future careers.

The professor emphasized the significance of setting clear and achievable goals and defining a trajectory for academic and professional advancement. Dr. Mufti stressed that establishing well-defined goals serves as a foundation for maintaining focus and direction throughout the demanding journey of medical education. In addition, he encouraged the students to embrace the ethos of lifelong learning. Dr. Mufti conveyed the message that cultivating a mindset of perpetual learning contributes not only to academic excellence but also to staying abreast of evolving medical practices. Humility, according to Dr. Mufti, constitutes an integral aspect of a medical professional's character.

He impressed upon the students the importance of humility in interactions with patients, colleagues, and the broader healthcare community. Dr. Mufti underscored that a humble demeanor fosters effective communication, collaboration, and patient care. Furthermore, the professor emphasized continuous skill development as a cornerstone of a successful medical career. He advised the students to proactively seek opportunities for honing their clinical, communicative, and analytical skills.

Dr. Mufti asserted that a commitment to ongoing skill enhancement positions medical practitioners for excellence and adaptability in their respective fields. In addition to these key principles, Dr. Mufti introduced a practical component to his guidance. He encouraged the students to translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills. The emphasis was on hands-on application, ensuring that the students not only comprehend medical concepts but also develop the ability to execute them effectively in clinical settings.

The professor emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive self-image. He elucidated that cultivating a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence is pivotal in navigating the challenges of medical education and building a successful career. Dr. Mufti urged the students to believe in their capabilities and to approach their academic and professional pursuits with a resilient and self-assured mindset.