RMC Alumni Association Elects New Cabinet Members for Class of 2020

RMC Alumni Association Elects New Cabinet Members

The Rehman Medical College (RMC) Alumni Association held its General Body meeting on Tuesday, 23rd May 2023, at the prestigious RMC campus. The primary agenda of the meeting was to elect the new cabinet members for the Alumni Association representing Class of 2020. The election process was carried out smoothly, culminating in the selection of the following individuals to assume key positions
•    Dr. Muhammad Nayab Ahmad - President
•    Dr. Akash Kumar Arora - Vice President
•    Dr. Naveed Noor - General Secretary
•    Dr. Khizer Habib Khattak - Joint Secretary
•    Dr. Talha Idrees - Finance Secretary
The newly elected cabinet members expressed their gratitude to the alumni for placing their trust in them and pledged to work diligently to promote the Association's objectives. They emphasized their commitment to fostering a vibrant alumni network, facilitating professional growth, and organising engaging events that would enable members to reconnect and contribute to the advancement of Rehman Medical College.