RMC Faculty Capacity Building Workshop-2018

RMC Faculty Capacity Building Workshop

Departments of Medical Education & Research (RMC) have arranged a series of four days (3rd to 6th July 2018) workshops for its faculty in medical education and research.

The workshops have been developed very carefully to observe the ensuing changes in accreditation processes by PM&DC / WFME, and the relevant changes / modifications these accreditation standards shall bring in curriculum design and assessment. An insight into the mentioned curricular changes / modifications is part of the workshops, the agenda is as follow:

1. Emerging Trends in Medical Education – Past, Present & Future by Prof. Dr. Tariq Saeed Mufti.

2. Standards of Accreditation for Undergraduate Medical Education – PM&DC/WFME by Prof. Dr. Tariq Saeed Mufti.

3. Critical Thinking by Dr. Iftikhar Qayum.

4. Developing MCQs – EMQs - CCMQ by Dr. Aamir Ijaz.

5. Linking Instruction to Assessment. by Dr. Mahrukh Ikram Shah.