RMC SWS Blood Wing Organizes Successful Blood Camp

RMC SWS Blood Wing Organizes Successful Blood Camp

The Blood Wing of RMC Social Welfare Society (SWS) organised a one-day blood camp on May 24th in collaboration with Fatimid Foundation. Over 100 participants from various medical colleges in Peshawar joined the noble endeavor of donating blood for the thalassemic children under the care of Fatimid Foundation.

The blood camp was a huge success, and we are grateful to every participant, volunteer, and the Fatimid Foundation for their invaluable support and collaboration. We are proud to have played a small role in helping these children, and we look forward to organising more blood camps in the future.

Blood donation is a safe and simple procedure that can save lives. It is also a great way to give back to your community and help those in need.

How to Donate Blood

If you are interested in donating blood, you can contact the Blood Wing of RMC SWS or the Fatimid Foundation. You can also donate blood at any of the blood banks in Peshawar.

Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who donated blood at our recent blood camp. Your generosity has helped to save lives and make a difference in the lives of many people. We are grateful for your support.