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Community Medicine & Public Health

Community Medicine as a subject has been part of medical curriculum since long. The department is mandated to equip the medical students with the art of practicing medicine in communities. Hence, along with class room teaching, outreach services in the form of community visits is a distinguishing feature of community medicine department.
Community medicine department Rehman Medical College, lies on the 8th floor of academic block. The department has its own museum with a rich supply of models, illustrations and presentations representing various diseases and conditions of public health importance. There is a designated area for Model Basic Health Unit, Seminar Room, SLRC and Faculty offices. The department is run by a dedicated team of public health professionals who make sure to equip students with modern day techniques essential for them as lifelong learners. The department follows the policy of evidence based medicine hence, students and new incumbents are encouraged to develop themselves professionally through participation in regular CME’s, CPD’s, MOOCS and Journal Clubs.



The Vision of Community Medicine department is to, to develop a socially accountable public health department having key role in research based policy making, advocacy and social uplift. This vision has its roots in the RMC’s mission that talks about medical graduates who are research intensive and are cognizant of the needs of the community.
We have been working continuously at two levels. The academics – where we have the task of engaging students and teaching them according to the needs of the community and as a public health expert – who is constantly involved in advocacy, research and producing evidence for policy making.

Over the recent years community medicine has emerged as the fundamental science in the medical curriculum. The competency framework from the leading medical bodies, all talk about graduates who apply their knowledge in the communities of their practice.
I believe that coming era is an era of progressive development in the field of community medicine both nationally and internationally. We all shall be prepared to accept change in the greater good of the communities.



Currently the department is offering only community medicine as a course at undergraduate level.
However, for post graduate and semester based teaching. Department is offering courses in;

  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • MNCH
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Occupational Health Safety
  • Health Management and Policy



  • Purpose build department with Faculty rooms,
  • Computer and WI FI connectivity
  • Seminar Room with flexible partition
  • SLRC
  • Museum 
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