Bibi Aliya

Dr. Bibi Aliya

I had started my journey in Rehman Medical College, Peshawar from 6th of May 2015. As I have done MPH from Armed Forces of postgraduate Medical Institute, Rawalpindi so I have been appointed as a senior lecturer in Community Health Sciences department. I have started the teaching, administrative and research supervisory role since then. I have been appointed by the department as an incharge of the junior lecturers and supervisor of their conduction of SGFs and DSL. Similarly I had to monitor them for the discipline and departmental duties. I had to guide them for lesson plan development and Question bank development. As I was interested in curriculum and assessment development so I had been appointed as a member of both 3rd and 4th year CHS curriculum committee. Because of my interest, I had done certificate course in Health Professional Education (CHPE) to fulfil my duties appropriately. Then I got admission in Masters in Health Professional Education (MHPE), KMU. I have been also an active member of Proctorial board for maintain the discipline of RMC students. From 2019, I have been appointed as a year-chair of 4th year curriculum. I worked very hard on 4th year curriculum with the coordination of DME and Pathology department to develop the log books of community visits and study guides of 4th year different modules. At the same time, I am a member of Assessment Committee for RMC. In Dec. 2019, I got a chance to attend the international conference on improving mother and child health care in Beijing, China. Similarly I am a member of supervisory mentorship board for 3rd year MBBS. During this pandemic of COVID-19, I am involved with the coordination of Pathology and DME in the development of 4th year on-line teaching curriculum and assessment. 

Area of expertise


  • Mother & Child Health
  • Primary Health care
  • Epidemiology
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Research

Course Taught

  • Epidemiology
  • MCH
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Communicable Diseases
  • Non- communicable Diseases
  • Primary Health Care
  • Health Planning & Policy 
  • Disease prevention and control
  • Research 


  • MBBS
  • MPH
  • CHPE
  • MHPE


  • Workshop certification on How to improve maternal health in developing countries of South East Asia – Dec. 2019
  • CHPE - 2018
  • Oral presentation in IHPER conference on Assessment Of Student Engagement In A Medical College- A Cross Sectional Study - 2019
  • Poster presentation in KMU regarding Gender Bias in Undergraduate medical education 2020
  • Effective Strategies for developing JEDI (junior Ethical Doctors Initiative) may be the force with you – KMU Peshawar
  • Program Evaluation – KMU Peshawar
  •  SPSS: Inferential Statistics – KMU Peshawar
  • Flipping the classroom
  •  Critical Thinking-KMU Accredited
  • Assessment drives Learning
  •  Research Ethics at Rehman Medical college Peshawar By PAME
  •  Done Course of Health Professional Education (CHPE) from KMU.
  • Attended workshops and conferences of Medical Education in KMU done by AEME.
  • Workshop on Disease Early warning system (DEWS) held at Nowshera KPK.
  • Training in TB Dots program in Nowshera KPK by Dept. of Health / PPHI with WHO.
  • Course on Gender Sensitive Disaster Risk Management for planning held by Pakistan Academy for Rural development Peshawar. 
  • Participated in Integrated Health Care Waste Management Workshop held at Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute.




  • Year Chair 4th year MBBS
  • Member curriculum committee – 3rd year MBBS
  • Assessment Committee Member
  • Member of Academic Mentorship of 3rd year MBBS Batch D1 
  • Proctorial Board member
  • Research Supervisor
  • KMU CHS Curriculum Review Committee member

Professional membership

  • PM&DC