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Medical Education

Department of medical education in any medical school in the 21st century is the hub of all academic activities including learning & teaching, assessment, educational research, faculty capacity development and evaluation of academic and assessment processes. It is a PM&DC recognized department. 
The department holistically oversees, develops, implements and evaluates all academic activities. This includes planning and development of teaching and assessment strategies, schedules for daily classes for the entire academic session for all years and development, implementation and declaration of results of all internal examinations. DME plans and schedules all the hospital-based training / rotation / clerkship of undergraduate students. 
The DME works as a liaison between basic and clinical sciences bridging the gaps and linking the faculty and curriculum between basic and applied aspects of medical education. It maintains all the data and records required for inspection purposes by regulatory authorities of Pakistan. 
It also acts as the communication department between college and university attending meetings for curriculum and assessment development for medical colleges of KPK. 


The vision & mission of RMC are the vision and mission of DME. To build further on these DME’s mission is to strive for excellence in the instruction & assessment strategies, and training processes of medical students, by alignment of the curricular activities within college and hospital, with the standards provided by regulatory authorities for medical education in Pakistan and the international standards for Basic Medical Education. It also provides services for capacity development of faculty of RMC to ensure updated and better educational opportunities for students. 
It is a member of all educational and assessment committees in RMC, including; Central Curriculum Committee of RMC, Academic Council membership, 05 yearly curriculum development committees, assessment committee of RMC and Central Curriculum Committee of KMU. 
It is also leading the accreditation process of Joint Commission of International Accreditation (JCIA) for Medical Professional Education where it facilitates all RMI affiliated undergraduate and postgraduate institutes in meeting the standards required by JCIA. 


DME provides a host of academic facilitation to the student of MBBS from 1st year – 5th year.  It helps in soft skill development of students including professionalism, ethics, leadership & management and resilience in medical students. 
DME develops all the study guides, module guides, integrated clinical rotation portfolios and clerkship portfolios and logbooks for all MBBS professional years. It helps develop case-based learning sessions and the CBL guides required for it. DME develops the planners for all clinical rotations / clerkships of MBBS as per PM&DC allotted hours and ensures that the learning, training and assessment activities within college are in line with PM&DC standards. 
DME conducts multiple exams every month in the form of formative and summative assessments and block exams for 5th Professional through its exam section. It maintains the data for all results of internal assessments and helps in liaison with clinical skills center for skill lab-based teaching & training of students. DME provides training to faculty for capacity development in curriculum development, teaching and assessment methods as per local and international standards. 


Department of medical education has two main sections, Instruction- responsible for all curriculum development, implementation and evaluation purposes and Assessment / Exam section that is responsible for all internal assessments and results with analysis and data keeping. It also develops and maintains the question bank of the college. 
Th clinical skill lab is also currently a section of department of medical education with its own faculty and staff. 


Department of Medical Education is the focal point for all academic activities and maintains the main data bank of instruction and assessment. It has two separate sections managing instruction and curriculum development activities, and assessment section. It has an e-lab where small group sessions for all professional years of MBBS are scheduled for Research, Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) and transferrable skills. It develops and maintains the main Q-Bank of RMC.  

DME also provides an e-learning platform to all students of RMC through arrangement of online sessions. Training for faculty in usage of software, online assessments / assignments, surveys and uploading learning material for students, is arranged. It facilitates faculty and students in development and arrangement of material for integrated learning activities like Case based learning (CBL) and Student Seminars. 

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