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The Department of Physiology at RMI has a state of art Architectural design and is considered as one of the best in the Country. The Dep’t. Is situated in a widely spaced area meeting National and International guidelines, consist of Library, Lecture Hall, Laboratory, Seminar Rooms, Faculty Offices, all equipped with the latest Equipment for teaching, Learning and Research activities, both for students and staff. The Department has highly qualified Faculty and well trained Paramedical staff.
Physiology as such is one of the most important subject of Medical science and introduces the student to the basic function of every organ and System in the body. Physiology plays an important role in the clear understanding of human functions throughout the career of a doctor. Our Dep’t. Is fully equipped to train students on modern guidelines with the best of environment, faculty, equipment’s for both under-graduate and post-graduate. The evidence is self-explanatory in the excellent and top results shown by the college since its inception, and keeping in view the important fact that it is a very young college (less than 10 years’ age). Our Dep’t. Presently is training undergraduate Medical and Dental students, but it has the infrastructure ready to start post-graduate Programmed in M.Phil., F.C.P.S and PhD in Physiology. The Dep’t. Is approached by many doctors for induction into the post-graduate programmes whenever it starts in the near future. Not to mention the very long list of students eager to get admission in the M.B.B.S and B.D.S Studies at R.M.C.



Our vision in Physiology as Teachers is to carry out all the Academic and  Research activities successfully and develop our Deptt. further to contribute Medical Education to students and Doctors on the following criteria:

  • Selection of good students on merit basis.
  • Appointment of highly trained and well qualified doctors.
  • Teaching and Evaluation based on current Medical trends using  well equipped labs, good Research facilities, well updated library with books Journals and other teaching tools.
  • Arrangement of work shops for students and faculty.
  • Arranging National and International Confernces.
  • And last but not the least to start Post-graduate Programmes in Phsiology in the nearest future when the Authotities are ready.


  • Endocrine Physiology
  • Environmental Physiology
  • Renal Physiology


Ample facilities for undergraduate and post –graduate studies but more facilities will be created once Post-graduate studies commence in the depth.

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